What made it this year.

April 24, 2013

We began our year at the orchard dealing with three record-breaking cold spells in April.  Thanks to our wind machines and good fortune, our peach trees held on to enough blooms through the record cold in April to produce a good crop.  Unfortunately, the cherries all froze out this spring.  Apples that are growing well this year include Gala, Smoothie Goldens, White Goldens, Jonathans, Black Jonathans, and Winesaps.   We anticipate another big apple crop next year.  Our table grapes are growing fast! We also have a few rows of currants and jostaberries that are ripening every day right outside my window.  It’s too hot now to think about making jelly, but these ruby gems remind me of the beautiful jellies that my mom made every summer.  In just a few weeks we’ll be picking juicy ripe peaches and sending them your way!