Full bloom

Osito Orchard is in full bloom! Spring has arrived on the orchard, even though snow is still visible at higher elevations. We have high expectations for a healthy and abundant crop this season, and we look forward to seeing all of you, our friends and customers, very soon in the marketplace!

High Tunnels

Frank and his team have been working hard all winter to install the high tunnels over new sweet cherry trees.  This protection will hopefully get our cherries through the spring frosts, bringing a consistent crop of these delicious and rather rare Colorado grown fruit to a market near you!  

Spring Dreams 2016

 One year ago we were surrounded by the promise of the coming season’s fruit crop, our orchard was blanketed with blooms.  An exceptionally warm January and February brought on an early 2015 bloom, around a month ahead of average.  Besides blooming early, just about the whole orchard, peaches, apples, cherries and plums, all burst out of their winter dormancy and flowered at the same time, when they would typically take turns and bloom in progression.  For about two weeks, we hoped for an abundant, early crop, knowing that the early bloom was incredibly vulnerable.  The night of April 15, those hopes were frozen in their tracks.  Temperatures dropped to well below critical by midnight.  Wind machines help save tender buds and blooms from a killing frost, but they can only minimize the…

We're Certified Organic!

We just added another farm to the 30 certified organic operations in Delta County.

Summer 2014

After a very busy, cold spring, 2014 is turning into a good year for fruit growers (and eaters!) in Colorado.  April brought at least 9 nights of cold temperatures with wind machines running to keep cold air from settling on the trees.  We were also busy this spring planting new blocks of sweet cherries, peaches, and table grapes.  Seeing those seedlings turn into trees reflects our hope for the future here at Osito Orchard.  Grow baby, grow!  We’ve just had our first tastes of harvest; a few lucky folks got some Bing & Rainier cherries in late June, and we picked red currants this week.  But the big excitement of harvest is just about to jump out into center stage.  Our peaches will be ready by early August, with lots of apples following right behind.  Let us know if you’d like to be…

Let The Harvest Begin

Tomorrow we will start picking the Redhaven peaches.  Our currants are also ready for harvest.  The Newhaven peaches are waiting in the wings, with the earlier apples close behind.   Once the harvest begins, we will be busy picking fruit until late October.  Beginning August 14th, I’ll be in Fort Collins on Wednesday afternoons, from 4-7pm at Beavers Market with fresh picked, tree-ripe fruit.  Come stop by!

Keeping good company

The quiet peacefulness of the orchard is one of the things I love most about life here.  I try to take time each day to walk through the trees without any work in mind.  I’m always jubilantly accompanied by Nala and Oso, our two dogs who couldn’t be happier.  There’s a lot going on out there besides thousands of trees growing lovely fruit.  Early in the summer the hummingbirds were busy.  The tiny nests that hold their eggs are pretty amazing.  This week I’ve seen a robin on her nest with a recent hatchling, and a mourning dove with two little ones tucked in the nook of an apple tree.  The yellow breasted chats sing through most days, occasionally interrupted by the sweet song of the lazuli buntings.  Last week the dogs were captivated by a young skunk.  Yesterday evening seemed especially…

What made it this year.

We began our year at the orchard dealing with three record-breaking cold spells in April.  Thanks to our wind machines and good fortune, our peach trees held on to enough blooms through the record cold in April to produce a good crop.  Unfortunately, the cherries all froze out this spring.  Apples that are growing well this year include Gala, Smoothie Goldens, White Goldens, Jonathans, Black Jonathans, and Winesaps.   We anticipate another big apple crop next year.  Our table grapes are growing fast! We also have a few rows of currants and jostaberries that are ripening every day right outside my window.  It’s too hot now to think about making jelly, but these ruby gems remind me of the beautiful jellies that my mom made every summer.  In just a few weeks we’ll be picking juicy ripe…
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