beth-and-frank.jpgOsito Orchard is 30 acres of paradise just outside of Hotchkiss, Colorado.  We’ve recently become the owners and caretakers of this land that has been growing fruit for generations.  The orchard’s location at the foot of the Grand Mesa provides unique conditions for producing exceptional fruit: crisp mountain nights, bright sunny days and snow fed streams. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to put our years of knowledge and experience to work transitioning this beautiful spot of the planet to organic management.  Thanks for helping make our dream come true!!

 We hope you enjoy the fruit as much as we do.  Stop by and see the orchard if you’re passing through this beautiful valley on the North Fork of the Gunnison.

 We’ve named our orchard for the little bear (osito) that resides nearby and enjoys lots of fruit!

 Beth Karberg  &  Frank Stonaker